Avoiding Costly Errors During Your Medical Coworking Transition

Mistakes Medical Practitioners Should Avoid When Leasing Medical Office Space

If you run your own medical practice, you’ve likely heard about how the traditional medical office space lease world is changing. Not only is this pivotal change being driven by new technology, convenience, and a need for specialized space, but providers are finding other benefits, too. Patients are looking for private practices in modern but comfortable environments, seeking personalized care away from the big clinics and hospitals.

But maybe more than anything, medical professionals are tired of being locked into overwhelming leases with large overheads and excessive maintenance that leaves them with little time or energy for their patients, families, and daily life. Providers are looking for something better. The answer is shared medical office space.

As a perfect solution for private practices of all kinds, shared medical office space offers affordable and flexible options with a wide variety of benefits, such as a furnished break room, janitorial service, and receptionist availability. As you transition into shared office space, you’ll love the many benefits available to you. Grow your practice and flourish by avoiding these costly errors.

Avoiding Costly Errors During Your Medical Coworking Transition

Compromising On Location

When a medical professional is just starting out or intentionally choosing to run a smaller-sized practice, they often end up needing to compromise on the location of their new offices. Small and medium practices who are still in the developmental stages of growing their practice usually lack the capital that larger, well-established practices have, which means they can’t afford to lease space in an ideal location. Instead, they end up compromising and choosing something cheaper in a much less desirable location. While this makes the books balance, it can make a poor location can make it difficult to increase a client base or advertise effectively.

Don’t put yourself in this difficult situation! Save yourself the nightmare of a bad location by joining a shared medical office space. Instead of settling for a less-than-desirable location for your practice, get the best of both worlds. Avoid overhead costs and open up your practice in an ideal location.

Blindly Signing A Lease

It’s never a good idea to sign a lease without fully understanding all of the terms in it – whether you are looking for a home, apartment, vehicle, or medical office space. Even though a lease may seem straightforward, ask questions and take time to gather all of the information so you can avoid unexpected complications and expense, such as how much does it cost? What is the binding length of the lease? Under what situations could you break the lease? Find out who is responsible for indoor and outdoor maintenance, whether improvements can be made and by whom, and other relevant information.

Another option for small to medium sized medical practices is to join a shared medical office space. Don’t turn to an inflexible lease, whether those terms are direct leasing or subletting. Instead, find a medical co-working team who actually understands your needs and finds solutions to meet them. Don’t pay for more space or a longer period of time than you need; get the flexibility your practice deserves with shared medical office space and find out how beneficial it can be.

Underestimating Extensive Property Improvements

In addition to finding a good location, private medical practitioners also need to find office space for lease that will work with their practice’s needs. This often involves renovation and improvements to the property so that it can be made into a space that is functional for their practice. Unfortunately, many medical providers fail to realize how expensive this can be, or find themselves forced to compromise on location and other attributes in order to afford any office space.

Avoid this expensive mistake by turning to flexible shared medical office space. It was designed specifically for providers who are in the developmental stages of practice and gives you the freedom to grow your practice without having to deal with building out or furnishing your space.

Grow Your Practice with Wellness Space

If you are a care provider looking for flexibility and functionality as you grow your medical practice, contact Wellness Space to talk about shared medical office space. We offer a wide variety of valuable amenities so you can focus on your patients without worrying about the expense and work of maintaining a larger facility. To learn more about this innovative option, schedule a free call back through our website! We at Wellness Space look forward to working with you.

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