5 Reasons Shared Office Space is Perfect for Therapists during COVID-19

COVID-19 has completely reshaped the world we live in. People have had to change the way they socialize, the way they shop and the way they work in order to adjust to the “new normal.” Mental health therapists have had to go from in-person consultations to seeing patients on video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and FaceTime. With therapists struggling to maintain patient volume, it has become difficult to pay rent for office space. We’re taking a look at the top 5 reasons why shared therapy office space can be a great solution for therapists during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.


COVID-19 has caused a level of uncertainty where people aren’t sure what the next day will look like. Restaurants are opening and closing, people are working from home one week and office the next – no one is sure what the future will hold. In this current climate, flexibility is vital. Cooperative office spaces for therapists provide on-demand hourly suite rentals with no long-term leases, giving therapists the freedom to see clients a few hours a week to start and increase the hours as needed.  Renting a flexible private therapy space gives therapists control over their schedules and eliminates the stress of paying for a full-time office.


Community is important in the therapy world. It allows therapists to work together and provide each other with advice and referrals. The effects of this pandemic, including job loss, isolation and stress, have increased the demand for a focus on mental health. Being a member of a cooperative office space makes it possible to learn from other therapists and provide clients with the quality of care they need and deserve in these challenging times.


Houston is a large city. Many therapists have clients that travel long distances to see them. One key benefit of shared therapy office spaces located in the major economic centers of Houston, such as the Galleria, is the central location and easy access. Newer office space in these areas is quite expensive and usually out of reach for independent therapists. Houstonians already spend a lot of time in their cars. Having a central location is key to attracting and keeping clients. WellnessSpace, located steps from the Galleria, gives therapy practices a prestigious business address in a prime location. With WellnessSpace, there is no need to compromise on location when choosing an office space for your counseling practice.

Marketing Support

Marketing can be a daunting task for any business owner under normal circumstances.  Add a pandemic to the mix and the challenge becomes even greater. An added bonus of shared therapy office rentals is the marketing support provided to therapists. Many of these spaces have already established brand recognition online and in their local communities. As a member of WellnessSpace, you’re able to showcase your bio on our website, expanding your reach to new clients. WellnessSpace can also help you develop a Google-optimized website that will elevate your practice’s image and visibility. Our goal is to relieve the stress of marketing your practice so you can focus on your clients.

Hassle-Free Office Operations

Operating an independent practice requires navigating through endless administrative tasks to keep your practice running smoothly. Moving into a new office? You’ll need to furnish it and hire a staff. Need to downsize? You’ll have to find someone to sublease some of your space. Chances are your landlord isn’t going to do you a favor and reduce your rent because they like you. Overwhelmed with keeping your office clean and safe during COVID-19? You don’t have a choice.

Operating an office, especially during COVID-19, can be daunting. By renting shared counseling office space, you let someone else handle operations, so you have more time and energy to focus on clients. WellnessSpace has private, fully furnished counseling suites available for rent on an hourly, partial day or full day basis. You pay only for the time you use our suites without any long-term leases. To protect members and visitors from COVID-19, WellnessSpace follows strict cleaning and operations guidelines listed here. To minimize human contact, we installed digital check-in kiosks for your clients to notify you of their arrival.

Whether you’re looking to rent therapy office space to expand your practice or are just getting started, a shared office space such as WellnessSpace provides you with a safe, clean environment to see clients. Without the hassle and stress of a long-term lease and managing an office, WellnessSpace helps put your focus back on what matters most – helping your clients.

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