Steadily Growing Your Patient Base & Medical Practice With These Straightforward Methods

Essential Tips To Attract More Patients To Your Medical Practice In Texas

As an entrepreneur, whether you’re experienced at running your own practice or just getting started, it’s almost always a good time to work on building your patient base. While loyal clients who have been working with you for a long time are often what make up the bread and butter of your practice, it can be helpful to continue to add new clients. Adding new patients to your clinic provides more income, expands your experience, and can help you create fresh ideas so you stay well-rounded as a practitioner. Here are some simple but effective ideas to help you market yourself and your business so that you can keep your patient base steadily growing.

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Tip #1: Provide Outstanding Five-Star Customer Service

Make the effort to go the extra mile for every patient who comes in your door, so you develop a reputation for outstanding service. Some ways that you can do this include being attentive and developing your listening skills, making personal connections, getting to know your clients personally, and taking time to provide education in a way that your patients can understand without being condescending. Allow sufficient time in your appointments for small talk and connecting on a personal level so your patients never feel rushed. Ask your vendors for free samples that you can give away to your clients for another nice and memorable touch. When you provide five star service to your clients, they will be sure to refer you to their family and friends. Word of mouth is the cheapest, and also one of the best, types of advertisement, so make it count! Plus you’ll develop a reputation for having an excellent bedside manner and being someone who is easy and enjoyable to work with. 

Tip #2: Be Aware of the Latest Medical Trends

It’s no secret that medical knowledge and technology are continually changing. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of keeping your approach simple and sticking with what you’re most comfortable with. While it’s helpful to have a general model that works, keep up with the new information in your area of practice. Go to conferences, read new books, and study the latest research so that you stay relevant in your field. Staying aware of the latest trends doesn’t necessarily mean you always need to use the newest techniques, gadgets, or supplements, but you should be familiar with them so that you are always building your knowledge and skills. Another practical way to stay on top of the latest trends is to consider medical co-working spaces as a low-risk, affordable, and easy way to run your own practice. Give yourself the flexibility and security you need to keep working on your own clients. 

Tip #3: Follow Up With Your Patients

Patients always appreciate communication from their care providers. Check in at a set time after your appointments so that patients have a chance to ask any questions they may have forgotten to ask during their appointment. Maybe even more importantly, it’s also a compassionate gesture that patients will remember. It shows that you care about your patients and how they are doing, which will make a lasting impression. Even a quick phone call or short email lets them know that you are thinking about them and wondering how they are doing.

Tip #4: Be Creative When Advertising Your Medical Practice

When you run your own practice, advertising is imperative. While excelling in your field and having great customer service will bring in referrals, you’ll still need to go beyond word of mouth advertising. Here are some ideas to boost your advertising:

  • Have professional business cards ready as an easy tool to hand out, and keep them available in your front office space.
  • Network with others in similar fields so that you can refer clients back and forth to each other.
  • Consider hiring a professional marketing agency, especially if you are new to the area or just getting started. 
  • Develop branding and a professional website.
  • Build an active business profile on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Join your city’s Chamber of Commerce for further networking, visibility, and getting your business recognized within your local community.
  • Consider renting space in a medical co-working facility to help present a professional and competent image. You’ll also benefit from mutual patient referrals and keep your business name visible to the many clients coming and going from the building.

Try some of these straightforward ideas to build your patient base as you move toward success as an entrepreneur!

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