We’re Open! Flexible Medical and Therapy Sublease for Practitioners

WellnessSpace is officially open! Our flexible medical and therapy sublease is centrally located in the Galleria area, just minutes from the Texas Medical Center, and co-founders and husband-wife duo Dr. Sonia Krish and Sunny Somaiaya created this coworking space with health and wellness practitioners in mind. WellnessSpace aims to empower practitioners to operate independently by offering affordable treatment suites, operational support, a community of peers and the freedom to focus on your practice and patients.

Why Co-practicing?

After over 10 years of medical training, Dr. Krish found it difficult to navigate the nuances of opening a private practice. For practitioners who do not want to join large institutions or group practices, it continues to be challenging to start their own practice. The operational and financial burdens faced by independent practitioners make it tough to survive in a healthcare world dominated by institutions. Coupled with Somaiya’s 10 years of experience in real estate, the duo decided to create a completely new concept to address the needs of independent practitioners – enter office rental suites designed to cater to health and wellness services. Whether you are looking for a home base to serve as a therapy office space for rent or a room where you can see clients for quick, routine check-ups every now and then, there are many membership options to fit the needs of each practitioner. WellnessSpace makes it easy by providing an affordable rental solution that reduces the stressors of running a practice so they can focus on their passion and what they do best – providing quality care.

The Space

Our beautifully furnished space can accommodate a variety of solo or group practices, including medical, mental health, bodywork, wellness and others. Flexible medical and therapy subleases offer HIPAA and OSHA compliant medical office spaces for rent. Each patient suite is equipped with the necessary tools and supplies needed for each patient visit. Each of our 11 treatment suites can be rented in hourly increments through on-demand booking, with no long-term leases required. Practitioners can adjust suite usage as their practice needs evolve, whether you are just starting out, growing or moving into practicing part-time. Take a virtual tour of the space on homepage. The space also has a community room furnished with a kitchenette and lockers for valuables, where practitioners can take a quick break or call. If you need a space to complete some paperwork or print a few forms, we also offer a business suite.

We’re Technology Driven

Membership at WellnessSpace comes with a number of perks such as access to digital marketing services and technology to enhance the experience of both members and their clients. Some of the technology in place that helps create a seamless experience includes client self-check-in kiosks that send arrival notifications directly to members’ mobile devices. We also provide an interactive mobile app that allows our members to reserve suites on demand, download invoices, manage their bios and message other members, further providing an easy and integrated experience.


Medical and Therapy Sublease at WellnessSpace is about flexibility. Practitioners should not have to compromise on the quality of their experience or services because of their professional goals, and there is immense value in the opportunity to network and communicate with other like-minded professionals. We help Houston practitioners run successful private practices with the support and benefits of a group practice. WellnessSpace is more than an office space, it is a community for practitioners and a collective of professionals providing exceptional care for Houstonians.

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