Shared Therapy Office Space
Our Mission

WellnessSpace was founded to ease the challenges medical and wellness practitioners face in operating private practices. Private practices in Houston and around the country have been on the decline for many years. Key contributors to this trend are the high cost of renting and building out office space as well as the time commitment required to find the right space that can grow with the practice.

WellnessSpace is here to help independent practitioners build and maintain thriving practices. We provide an affordable and flexible alternative to renting large, expensive office space. Our suites are fully-furnished and available to rent by the hour, half-day, full-day, or full-time. Underlying it all is our mission to provide practitioners opportunities to collaborate and grow their referral network.

Our Story

In our search for part-time medical office space, we were taken aback by how time consuming and expensive the process is. The office spaces we found were all much larger than we needed and they all required a multi-year lease. Even with the help of a leasing broker, we were overwhelmed with the entire process – touring multiple office spaces, negotiating a lease, overseeing the build out, on top of handling the operations side of our practice.

Was there an easier way to find office space? Are there other independent practitioners facing the same obstacles? The answers to these questions inspired us to launch WellnessSpace. We set out to build a space that provides an end-to-end office rental solution so practitioners can focus on what matters most – caring for patients.

Medical Office Suites for Rent