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Rent Suites For As Low As $11 Per Hour
Flexible Medical Suite Booking

Flexible Medical Suite Booking

We’re happy to lease you medical suites based on your needs. If you only have a few patients, you can have it for a few hours. We also have longer options, too.

Affordable Doctor’s Office Leasing

Affordable Doctor’s Office Leasing

All of us at WellnessSpace know that starting your practice can feel scary, especially when it comes to money. Fortunately for you, we offer very affordable rates, so that you can just be the best doctor you can be.

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    Expanding Your Medical Practice In Houston: Opportunities For Medical Practitioners Based In Pasadena

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    Prime Office Location For Your Medical Practice

    Pasadena is a burgeoning city, with nearly 150,000 people living there. The residents there are going to need top-quality medical care. Your Houston office space will be in a great place for them to come see you.

    Your patients will feel comfortable in the well-lit exam rooms and well-decorated offices that give off a soothing ambiance. They will see that it is well-kept and safe. You can feel good about having them come to your office for exams.

    Hourly, Partial or Full Day Doctor’s Office Suite Rentals

    We are happy to help you structure your days at your doctor’s office. You can come in for a few hours each day to see the patients you have, or you can choose longer options. It’s all about what works for you without locking you into long-term all-day leases. That way, you won’t have to worry about your budget and you can take care of people in an excellent medical environment.

    Medical Networking & Branding Opportunities

    As a doctor it is very important to get your name out there and WellnessSpace is an excellent base to set up in. That way, you can reach out to other medical professionals and also begin shaping your brand. You can become known as a doctor who specializes in certain fields. That can help the people of Pasadena and Houston gain more awareness of you and what you do. As a result, your patient numbers can increase.

    As Featured In

    Houston Chronicle

    “A new company called WellnessSpace has launched its first location in Houston”

    CityBook Houston

    “New Co-Practicing Facility Gives Health and Wellness Pros — and Patients! — Options”

    Add A New Houston Location To Your Pasadena Medical Practice With Our Office Suites For Lease

    HIPAA & OSHA Compliant Therapeutical Suites

    HIPAA & OSHA Compliant Medical Suites

    It is very important to run medical practices that observe both HIPAA and OSHA regulations. We can help you protect your patient confidentiality and run a safe medical office.

    End-To -End Solutions For Medical & Wellness Practitioners

    End-To-End Solutions For Medical Practitioners

    Running a medical office can be a lot, even with staff there to help you. We at WellnessSpace are glad to be of assistance, offering solutions to any problems that you encounter. Contact us for a prompt reply!

    Medical Office Leasing Made Simple

    Medical Office Leasing Made Simple

    When you lease one of our offices in downtown Houston, you won’t be worrying about your budget – we make things easy so you can continue helping your patients and improving their quality of life.

    Shared Medical Office Spaces For Rent In Houston

    Fully Equipped Medical Clinic Office Space Leasing

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