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Flexible medical suite booking in pasadena

Flexible Medical
Suite Booking

When you contact us at WellnessSpace, you will love how open you can have your schedule be. We can rent things to you in various increments, whether by the hour or by the day.

Affordable doctor's office leasing in Pasadena

Affordable Doctor’s
Office Leasing

Starting out as a therapist can be intimidating. Our rates are anything but – so you can pay attention to your clients without being concerned about your budget.

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    Expanding Your Therapy Practice In Houston: Opportunities For Therapists based In Pasadena

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    Prime Office Location For Your Therapeutic Practice

    There are nearly 150,000 people in Pasadena – and many of them could benefit from seeing you for therapy. By renting an office space in Houston, you are showing that you are ready to have a steady flow of patients. We can help you manage that by providing the necessary equipment for you to run a good practice.

    The best thing is, you will have control over your budget throughout all of this since you determine how much time you want to pay. Then you can focus on helping people.

    Hourly, Partial & Full Day Therapist Office Suite Rentals

    Some therapist office suites want to lock you into long-term leases that are predicated on your coming in every day all day. That is not the case with us at WellnessSpace. You can set your therapy appointments for only a few hours a day, half a day or all day. The leasing time can be accommodated to better suit your needs.

    This will take the stressful aspect of your budgeting out of the picture. Then you can go about being the best therapist you can.

    Networking & Branding Opportunities for Therapists

    When you first come to your new Houston office, you want to start getting your name out there. Having a stable place like WellnessSpace can help you do that. Then you can go about meeting other therapists and get your brand set up. Then people in the area will start to know you and you can benefit from word of mouth.

    Contact us today so that we can help you set up all the particulars of your therapy office. We are glad to be here for you!

    As Featured In

    Houston Chronicle

    “A new company called WellnessSpace has launched its first location in Houston”

    CityBook Houston

    “New Co-Practicing Facility Gives Health and Wellness Pros — and Patients! — Options”

    Add A New Location In Houston To Your Pasadena Therapy Practice With Our Exclusive Office Space Rentals

    HIPAA & OSHA Compliant Therapeutical Suites

    HIPAA & OSHA Compliant Therapy Suites

    At WellnessSpace, we know how important it is to be trustworthy in terms of HIPAA and OSHA regulations. We will help you keep your patients’ information confidential and also have a safe environment for you.

    End-To -End Solutions For Medical & Wellness Practitioners

    End-to-End Solution for Therapists & Coaches

    We want to make things easy for you when you rent from us. That includes providing things like equipment. If you need anything, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

    Medical Office Leasing Made Simple

    Therapy Office Leasing Made Simple

    Sometimes it can feel like leasing an office space is a headache. We know that at WellnessSpace and we want you to feel good about leasing our affordable office suites.

    Doctor Testimonials

    This is a great place for if you are looking to rent medical office space in Houston! As a physician, I’m able to do small procedures, which separates it from most other rental facilities like this. The patients love this place as it is very clean, safe, and convenient.


    Rachel V.

    This is a fantastic place for any medical and wellness practice. My patients and I feel very comfortable here. It is very clean, safe, and convenient. I am able to book and pay for suites only for the time I need them, giving me complete control of my work schedule.


    Qinyu W.

    I have enjoyed working in this space. It is in a desirable location in a high quality new building. It is sterile, clean, professional, contactless and caters well to what I do and the medical professions. My clients have nothing but good things to say about it.


    Sara F.

    Shared Therapy Office Space For Lease

    Secure & Private Therapeutical Office Space Leasing

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    Are you looking to grow your Pasadena therapy practice into a new location? WellnessSpace is the place for you to set up. Our Houston offices are spacious and comfortable, and are equipped with the latest technology to provide the ideal patient experience. Contact us today to start things!