Safe & Exclusive Medical Office Suite Rentals For Physicians Near Richmond, TX

Rent Suites For As Low As $25 Per Hour

Rent Suites For As Low As $11 Per Hour

At Wellness Space, we know how hard it is to keep a small medical practice which is why we have created a rentable space that is flexible, up to medical code, and can be rented for as little as $11 per hour!

Flexible Booking For Your Private Nurse Practice

Flexible Booking Options For Your Private Practice

We have several options to help you book our suites for your private practice. Whether you need a recurring time block, a flexible allotment of hours per week, or to rent a space hourly, we have you covered.

Affordable Leasing To Grow Your Medical Startup

Affordable Leasing To Grow Your Medical Startup

Our leasing comes in several options so that you can find what is most affordable for your private practice. We ask for a base fee from all our members, but from there you can tailor your rental prices to your practice.

Patient-Ready Offices To Provide Safe Patient Care

Ready-To-Use Offices Equipped To Deliver Safe Patient Care

All of our offices are HIPPA and OSHA compliant and are equipped with all of the basics needed in a medical practice to ensure safe patient care. All you need to bring is equipment specific to your procedures.

How To Rent Your Medical Office Space & Grow Your Business Near Richmond, TX

  • Get In Touch With Our Office Space Leasing Company For Your Healthcare Practice

    To get started, contact Wellness Space’s leasing staff to ensure you get the best suite for your needs. Once your membership is set up and you are in our system, reserving suites is easy. Simply log into our platform and book the suite for the times you want. From there, you can run a professional Richmond private practice with all the resources you need!

  • Our Staff Will Assist You In Finding The Ideal Space For Your Practice

    Our friendly staff is ready to help you find the perfect space for your private practice. You don’t need to look at overpriced offices with potentially long leases. At Wellness Space, your success is our goal and we have the perfect space for you to run your practice without breaking the bank. Contact us today to get started and find your ideal space.

  • Simplify The Documents & Membership Process With Our Expert Guidance

    Let us help you get started toward a successful private practice where you have access to top-notch medical offices and networking with other medical professionals. To get started, you need to enroll in our membership and handle a few documents. Not to worry, though, our experts want to help and will ensure a simple and transparent process.

  • Move Into Your Fully Furnished Richmond Medical Office

    At Wellness Space, our medical suites were built with your medical profession in mind. When using our suites, you can expect a fully furnished office complete with sinks, tables, and anything else medical spaces typically have. All you will need to bring is equipment specific to your private practice. From there, relax knowing that everything else is taken care of.

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Office Space Rentals For All Types Of Medical Startups Near Richmond, TX

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Discover The Perfect Office Rentals For Medical Specialists

Explore our office space rentals with flexible and affordable options tailored to accommodate all types of Richmond medical startups. We provide a conducive environment for professional growth and patient care. Discover the perfect office solution that aligns with the requirements of your medical startup in this vibrant and supportive location.

dermatologist office rentals

Perfect For Acupuncturists Looking To Start In The Health & Wellness Industry

If you’re an aspiring acupuncturist entering the health and wellness industry, our Houston Wellness Space offers the ideal setting to begin your journey. With tailored amenities and a supportive environment, you’ll find the perfect platform to launch your acupuncture practice with confidence.

Flexible Membership Plans Designed To Fit Your Schedule

Benefit from the convenience of flexible membership plans tailored to suit your schedule in our medical office spaces. Whether you need part-time or full-time access or specific hours, our adaptable membership options provide the flexibility you need. Enjoy a customizable and convenient workspace solution that aligns with your requirements.

Fully-Equipped Medical Office Space Rentals For All Types Of Medical Practices

At Wellness Space, we provide fully equipped medical office space rentals designed to accommodate a diverse range of medical practices. Our facilities come equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and infrastructure, ensuring a seamless and efficient environment for Richmond healthcare professional practices.

Start Your Medical Practice Near Richmond With Our Medical Office Suite Rentals

Our offerings provide a professional and equipped environment, allowing you to establish and grow your practice seamlessly. Take advantage of our strategically located and well-equipped suites to create a conducive space for delivering quality healthcare services. Contact us to get started and let our staff help you with documents and membership!

Grow Your Practice With Our Convenient & Affordable Medical Office Space

Start your private practice in one of our Richmond medical office rentals which are designed to provide a cost-effective solution without compromising on the essential amenities required for a thriving practice. Join a supportive environment that enables the growth of your medical practice while maintaining financial efficiency.

Start Your Medical Practice Near Richmond, TX With Our Move-In Ready Medical Offices

Join Today & Start Treating Patients In No Time

Prime Office Location for Your Practice

Prime Office Location To Jumpstart Your Own Private Practice

Secure a prime office location to kickstart your private medical practice and position yourself for success. Our strategically located offices offer visibility and accessibility, providing a strong foundation for attracting patients. With a focus on a well-designed workspace, our prime location contributes to a professional atmosphere that instills confidence in your patients.

Take advantage of the centralized position to connect with the community and build a robust client base. Elevate your private practice by choosing a location that aligns with your goals for growth and patient engagement.

Hourly, Partial Or Full Day Office Rentals

Experience the flexibility you need for your medical practice with our offerings of hourly, partial, or full-day medical office rentals. Whether you require a space for brief consultations, a few hours of administrative work, or an entire day of patient care, our versatile options cater to your specific scheduling requirements. With our flexible rentals, you only pay for the time you utilize, optimizing cost efficiency for your practice.

Partial-day rentals allow you to customize your workspace duration based on the demands of your medical appointments. Choose our full-day options for extended access, ensuring a seamless and accommodating environment for comprehensive healthcare services.

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medical networking

Broaden Your Medical Network & Branding Prospects As A Physician

Amplify your professional reach and brand recognition as a physician by leveraging our office rentals and networking opportunities. Our well-located office spaces provide a strategic base for expanding your medical network and attracting a diverse patient base.

With networking events and collaborative spaces, you have the chance to connect with other healthcare professionals, fostering partnerships and referrals. Elevate your branding prospects by establishing a presence in a dynamic medical community that values collaboration and shared expertise. Embrace our comprehensive approach to office rentals, where networking is not just a benefit but a key element in your journey to building a robust and successful medical practice.

Our Clients’ Testimonials

Medical Office Space For Rent Near Richmond, TX With 5-Star Reviews

Wonderful space for providers starting up their own practice or needing a space to see patients/clients on a flexible schedule. The facility is beautiful and clean. Easy booking of rooms and a great curated selection of providers so that it’s not too overcrowded at times. I love the contactless check-in in the waiting room. This place has been a god send while waiting for my permanent practice buildout to be completed. I highly recommend.


Monee T.

I have enjoyed working in this space after my previous location closed. It is in a desirable location in a high-quality new building. It is sterile, clean, professional, contactless, and caters well to what I do and the medical professions. My clients have nothing but good things to say about it.


Sara F.

I’ve been using the WellnessSpace for my boutique primary care practice for about 5 months now and have had an excellent experience thus far. Being able to avoid the overhead of leasing, renovating and furnishing a medical office has been huge. The owners have always been helpful and extremely responsive when minor issues arise. Highly recommend this space for anyone opening a micropractice in the Houston area.


Sonia S.

Best-Rated Medical Office Space Rentals For Startups Near Richmond, TX

HIPAA & OSHA Compliant Therapeutical Suites

HIPAA & OSHA Compliant Medical Suites

Our suites at Wellness Space in Richmond not only offer high ratings but also prioritize compliance with HIPAA and OSHA standards, ensuring a secure and regulated space for medical practices.

End-To -End Solutions For Medical & Wellness Practitioners

End-To-End Solutions For Licensed Doctors

Experience comprehensive support for licensed doctors with our office spaces. We offer end-to-end solutions that cater to all your professional needs, from fully equipped workspaces to top-notch self check-in kiosks.

Medical Office Leasing Made Simple

Richmond. TX Medical Office Leasing Made Simple

Simplify your medical office leasing process in Richmond with our straightforward solutions! Become a member of Wellness Space and experience low hourly rates without the hassle of signing an extended lease.

Richmond, TX Neighborhoods Close To Our Shared Medical Offices

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Looking For A Convenient & Fully-Equipped Medical Office Space Near Long Meadow Farms? Contact Us Today!

If you have been looking for a convenient office space near Long Meadow Farms with a wide range of benefits and amenities for your private medical practice, contact Wellness Space right away and we will get you set up in the perfect suite for you!

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Searching For A Shared Medical Office Near Harvest Green? Get In Touch With Us

Discover why practitioners near Harvest Green choose Wellness Space for their private practice needs! With affordable and flexible membership plans, professional common areas and online communication tools, you won’t be disappointed.

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Are You In Old Orchard & Looking To Expand Your Medical Practice? Contact Us Today!

Whether you are a skilled acupuncturist, massage therapist, or nutritionist in Old Orchard, look no further for your ideal office space! With exam/treatment tables, desks, chairs, and sinks already installed, all you need is your special equipment.

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Need A New Shared Medical Office Near McCrary Meadows? Give Us A Call!

Are you paying high prices and signing long leases in order to have your medical office near McCrary Meadows? If so, we have you covered with our fully furnished medical offices starting at as little as $11 per hour.

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Starting Your Private Practice Near Lakes Of Bella Terra? We’re Here To Help

Starting a private practice in Bella Terra is expensive, especially when office spaces require you to sign a lease. At Wellness Space, you can utilize our flexible office spaces without the need to sign a lease! Contact us today!

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Is Your Clinic Growing & You Need A New Space Near Aliana? Contact Us!

Experience a network of medical professionals that you can work with in our office spaces near Aliana! Become a part of the community of diverse practitioners where you can network and enjoy the benefits of free advertising.

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Looking For A New Medical Office Near Veranda? Call Us & Get A Membership!

If you live near Veranda and are in need of an office for your chiropractor, acupuncturist, or doctor practice, look no further! We have offices that allow flexibility while being fully furnished and providing a wide range of amenities.

FAQs About Our Medical Office Space Rentals

What Types Of Medical Office Spaces Are Available For Rent Near Richmond, TX?

Our office spaces are set up to cater to your specific practice! Whether you’re a general practitioner, acupuncture specialist, psychologist, physical therapist, nutritionist, or other medical professional, our office spaces are tailored for you! We know it’s expensive to rent medical office space in Richmond and we want to keep private practices alive by offering affordable options! From hourly rentals to regular time allotments, the Wellness Space has a place for you.

Is There An Opportunity To Customize The Office Space To Fit My Practice’s Specific Requirements?

Absolutely! All of our Richmond medical spaces come fully furnished with the basic medical supplies. We encourage our renters to bring their specialized equipment as long as it is easily transportable. Our offices are designed to work well with any kind of medical practice and can easily be customized to fit your specific requirements. Contact us today for more detailed information on what is included in our suites and what you might need to bring for a success.

What Amenities Are Included With The Medical Office Spaces?

When you become a member of Wellness Space, you will have access to a wide range of amenities! All of our suites are fully furnished including desks, chairs, sofas, sinks, exam tables, and basic medical supplies and equipment. Furthermore, you have access to our professional business address, self check-in kiosks, digital marketing services, advertising, and online community boards. We want to ensure your success and work hard to provide a space you can use to be successful.

Is There On-Site Maintenance & Support for Any Technical Issues?

Certainly, our Richmond medical office spaces provide on-site maintenance and support for any technical issues that may arise. Our technical professionals are readily available to address and resolve any issues related to medical equipment, information systems, or other technical infrastructure. This ensures uninterrupted operation and swift resolution of any technical challenges, contributing to the smooth functioning of your medical services.

Are The Medical Office Spaces Compliant With Healthcare Regulations & Standards?

Yes, Wellness Space’s medical offices are designed and maintained to be fully compliant with healthcare regulations and standards. Our suites adhere to rigorous guidelines set by health authorities to ensure the safety, privacy, and well-being of your patients. Stringent measures are in place to meet legal and ethical requirements, creating a secure and regulated environment for your private practice. Rest assured, our medical offices are safe and secure for all types of medical professions.

Fully Equipped Medical Office Space For Physicians Near You

Experience peace of mind in your medical practice as all of our offices are fully furnished with the basics for physicians! Contact us today to get started on your rental!

Contact Us & Start Your Own Private Practice Today!

When you want to get started with your own private practice, contact us to start renting the perfect medical office in an area near you!