Blending Innovation & Efficiency With Progressive Shared Medical Office Leasing

Understanding The Benefits Of Leasing A Shared Medical Office Space In Texas

It’s no secret that the medical industry is changing. At the core of these changes is a trend for both provider and patients to prefer private practice. But with private practice come added challenges, including the expense of negotiating a lease for office space and the headache of managing an office and a building. These processes can be time consuming, expensive, and downright discouraging for care providers trying to find the perfect medical office space that has all the necessary amenities without breaking the bank.

The office leasing practices and management methods that have been established for decades often don’t work well for today’s medical practitioners. Leasing guidelines are often high risk, offering little flexibility, and have overhead costs that can be difficult to afford. Private medical practitioners who run practices that are small, part time, just starting out, winding down for retirement, independent of local hospital and clinic systems, or offer alternative health modalities find themselves looking for alternatives to conventional office space leasing. They want clean, modern, and convenient medical leasing options that will offer flexibility as they grow and change and create a great experience for their patients.

An independent medical practitioner working in her new shared medical office space in Houston, TX

Perhaps more than anything, medical providers want to spend their time treating patients and expanding their knowledge. No provider wants the late night hassle of building management or the stress of negotiating inflexible and expensive medical office leases. Until recently, small-scale or part time medical providers didn’t have many options for this burdensome part of independent practice. One new trend in the medical industry is progressive shared medical office leasing. This is where one central company provides affordable, fully furnished suites available to rent with flexible length contracts. Shared medical office leasing may also offer additional services such as janitorial services, security, technology assistance, interior design, maintenance, and break rooms, so that providers can eliminate the headache of office management and get back to what they really want to be doing: working with their patients.

As a major new trend in medicine, progressive shared medical office leasing is a perfect blend of innovation and efficiency for providers and their patients. Behind this trend are two values that significantly affect modern medical practice: convenience and optimized space.

Convenient & Efficient For Medical Practices

As an independent medical practitioner, you’ll discover that one of the best ways to reach out to your patient base and develop new patients is to have a conveniently located medical office space. People have busy schedules and many obligations throughout the day, so they may hesitate to visit a practice that is too distant from where they live and work, or is a long drive from major highway systems. Offering your services in an area that is convenient is extremely important. When you look for a shared medical office lease, be sure to choose one with an excellent location. You, too, will appreciate a shortened commute, simplified marketing, and the convenience in your own personal life.

Innovative & Optimized Space For Improving The Patient Experience

Many people associate doctor’s offices with unpleasant hospital experiences and procedures. They tend to view clinic spaces as uncomfortable, stuffy, dark, and somewhere to get away from as quickly as possible. Research shows that clients prefer bright, open, and clean-looking medical office space. These aesthetics set you apart from other medical providers and give you a marketing edge. The way your office looks will give prospective and existing patients a solid impression of your practice and greatly affect how they perceive their overall experience in your medical office. Look for a shared medical office lease that is comfortable and includes modern design.

Progressive Shared Medical Office Space for Lease in Houston, TX

At Wellness Space, we know that medical office space is a key part of a thriving practice. We provide the resources you need for success, so you can spend less time managing your business and stop worrying about overhead stresses of a larger facility. Spend more of your valuable time expanding your education and working with patients! Our medical clinic space is modern, clean, and convenient, with flexible leasing options to help you meet your goals. If your practice is in need of progressive shared medical office leasing, contact Wellness Space today to schedule your free phone consultation.

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