How Medical Office Sharing Can Strengthen Your Practice

6 Benefits You Will Discover When You Share a Medical Office Space In Texas

A new and growing trend in medical practice is medical coworking, also known as medical office sharing. While having coworkers in a traditional office environment is considered normal, only a small number of doctors and medical practitioners operate this way. Medical office sharing comes with many benefits for your practice that traditional office workers have been taking advantage of for a long time. Here are six of the benefits you’ll discover when you share a medical office space.

how medical office sharing can strengthen your practice

Sharing An Office Space Is Less Expensive

It’s no secret that the medical profession is expensive. Most doctors graduate with tremendous amounts of student loan debt. Even if you choose another educational option besides medical school, it can still be very expensive. To enter private practice, the costs continue. Licensure and continuing education, medical supplies, office furnishings, and more add up very quickly. If you want to lease traditional medical space, you’ll often find that building management is only interested in leasing more space that you really want. It’s very common for the smallest available office size to be 1200 square feet, or more, which is more than a starting practice or single practitioner office needs. This is inefficient and creates high, unnecessary costs, plus the work of management and subleasing.

One of the best ways to combat these excessive and unneeded costs is to share a medical office space in Texas. You have the benefit of paying only for the space you actually need, and you won’t need to make a huge upfront investment like you would if you were leasing or purchasing a traditional office space.

Your coworking membership will cover additional costs such as utilities, cleaning, building security, and maintenance. The cost of waiting rooms, receptionists, break rooms, and furnishings are also shared by the other coworking members. This will save you significant expense.

The Power Of Medical Networking

A tremendous advantage of shared medical office space is the connections you will make with your coworkers. Networking with other medical professionals will enable you to gain new and useful knowledge as well as referrals for new patients. When you lease your own space in a building without coworkers, your networking power will be reduced, and you’re likely to receive fewer referrals from other providers.

Save Time By Renting A Coworking Office Space

When you manage your own office, you’ll be required to spend a lot of your time managing it. You’ll especially need to spend time (or spend even more money hiring someone) to do the building maintenance and supply ordering. When you outsource this responsibility to the owner of your sharing medical office, you give yourself the gift of time. Imagine what you could do with those extra hours – see more patients, continue your education, teach, or network with other professionals. However you choose to spend that time, you’ll be benefiting yourself and your patients by having the ability to focus on your medical area of practice.

Added Benefits Of a Shared Office Space

There are a variety of extra benefits that accrue when you share medical office space. You’ll be able to have a higher quality location and office style that you could usually afford on your own. Often, a receptionist is available as part of your contract. Other benefits may include automated patient check in systems and a furnished break room.

Medical Coworking Spaces Offer a Lot Of Flexibility In The Plans They Provide

Many medical professionals who are beginning their career do not have a large enough patient base to support being open five days a week. If this is your situation, a medical office sharing situation may be a perfect solution because you have flexibility to rent for fewer days per week without losing money. As your practice grows, you can adjust your time and space needs. This type of flexibility would not be available or affordable if you were to lease your own office.

Grow Your Medical Practice

Many doctors find that they eventually need to hire additional staff or are able to expand enough to hire more doctors. In a traditional office, this means additional infrastructure costs. However, in a medical coworking space, your new staff becomes another member of the community. This is one reason why medical office sharing is so attractive – you can easily scale up your practice when you’re ready without excessive expense.

Strengthen Your Practice With Medical Office Sharing In Houston, TX

There are so many benefits to be gained from sharing space with other medical professionals while still maintaining the freedom of your own private practice. When you consider the financial ease, networking benefits, and flexibility, it’s easy to see why so many providers are choosing shared office space over traditional direct leasing.

If you’re looking for solutions for your private medical practice, consider Wellness Space. Our modern office suites provide affordable, flexible leasing options with a full range of benefits. Grow your practice and referral network the easy way so you can focus on caring for your patients. To learn more about Wellness Space, fill out the contact form on our website to schedule a complimentary call.

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