A Guide To Starting Your Own Medical Practice

Why You Should Get A Medical Coworking Space For Your Practice

Making the decision to start your own practice can be challenging, with many risks and benefits to consider. Although opening a private practice is not easy, it can be less challenging than you might expect with this guide!

Set yourself up for success by taking advantage of the many benefits from Houston medical office suites for rent. With shared medical coworking space, you can focus on building your clientele and providing outstanding care without the added pressure of maintaining an office space, staffing, cleaning, decorating, and other tasks that take time away from patient care. Whether you want to start your own medical practice so you can have autonomy to practice the way you believe is best, prefer the lifestyle of making your own schedule, or hope for more income on your own, there’s no better place to start than with shared office space through Kathy Therapy medical office space for rent.

Here’s how to get started with your own private medical practice.

Starting An Own Medical Practice


Before submitting your resignation or signing a contract, start researching. Ask other medical professionals in the same field who are running their own successful private practices for advice.

Find a Location

It might be tempting to open a practice close to home, but choosing the right location is essential for a thriving practice. Research the area where you plan to practice to ensure that the market isn’t flooded, that the area has sufficient need for your field, and whether someone else is already working in your niche. Find out whether the healthcare facilities in your area are hiring providers in your specialty and what the wait time is for an appointment. This information can provide valuable insight into whether your specialty is in demand in that area.

Looking for Bellaire chiropractor office space for rent in prime locations can help ensure that your medical practice is in a convenient location for your patients.

Obtain Financing

Most medical professionals want to focus on medicine and taking care of their patients, but everyone needs to spend some time determining how they are going to finance their venture. This may include a small business loan or drawing from your personal savings. You may also be able to partner with a local hospital that will guarantee income, equipment, and other start up costs for a fixed period of time while you get started.

Incorporate Your Business

Work with a business lawyer to get all of the legal documentation in order. This includes determining a business structure and incorporating your business, obtaining a tax ID number, and filing for an NPI number so you can bill patients.

Open a Bank Account

Once your business is legal, open a business bank account so that your finances can be kept separate from your personal finances.

Get Set Up to Accept Insurance

Contact insurance companies and go through the credentialing process so that you can accept patients with a variety of insurance plans. This may not be required or beneficial in some medical fields, but in most cases will help you reach more patients.

Obtain Insurance for Yourself & Your Practice

Obtain malpractice insurance to protect yourself and your assets in case of litigation. If you plan to hire employees or have a company vehicle, you’ll need additional insurance coverage. You may also want a disability insurance policy for yourself.

Other Important Elements of Running Your Own Medical Practice

Once your business is legally structured, your finances and insurance are in order, and other documentation is completed, you can get down to actually envisioning your own practice. Develop fee schedules, choose a billing service or set up the appropriate forms, set up a way to accept credit card payments, purchase any equipment or medical supplies that you may need, build a website, hire any assistants you need, and determine your marketing approaches.

Lease an Office Space

One of the last steps you’ll need to take before you are finally ready to see patients is to find a place for your medical practice. Although many healthcare professionals opt for a traditional lease in their own suite or building, shared medical coworking space is an increasingly popular option. There are so many advantages to Pasadena nurse office space leasing that enable you to spend your time with patients rather than on business administration. Some of the services you can expect include:

  • Comfortable waiting room
  • Convenient and modern office space
  • Break room amenities
  • Housekeeping and landscaping
  • High speed WiFi access
  • Printing, copying, and scanning services
  • Document shredding
  • Reception
  • Prime location to attract clients

With shared medical coworking space, you only need to pay for office space when you need it. You’ll have access to state of the art clinical rooms with attractive waiting rooms that make a good impression on your patients. You won’t need to spend time or money on cleaning, landscaping, building maintenance and repairs, decorating, magazine subscriptions, and so many other costs that quickly add up for professionals who are leasing their own suite or building. The Woodlands therapy office space for rent is one of the most vital tools you can find to get your practice off to a successful start.

Are You Ready to Start Your Own Medical Practice?

Getting started with your own practice takes time, dedication, and patience. But with Wellness Space, you’ll have the tools you need to build a thriving practice. With our resources, you can spend less time managing your business and more time working with your patients. Our facility is HIPAA and OSHA compliant, modern, and perfectly located. Be your own boss and get ready for your private practice when you work with Wellness Space! Contact us today!

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